Frequently asked questions

1. You say that you guarantee the best price. How does that work?

If you have received an offer from another online Gold Pack scrap precious metals buyer then we will beat it! Just send written proof of the offer with the item that you want to sell. The offer must be in writing stating the date, item description, weight of the item, the result of the purity test and the gold market rate at the time of the offer.

Our offer will reflect any fluctuation of prices in the metal markets since the original offer was made.

2. Do you only buy gold?

Not at all, we also buy Platinum and Palladium items.

3. Do you buy silver.

No, we do not currently buy silver.

4. Is there a minimum age for a customer?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to use our service.

5. How do I send my scrap gold to you?

Simply fill in your details on our registration page and we will rush you out a FREE Seller Pack by first class post.

Once you receive your gold pack, collect together all of your old, broken or scrap Gold, Platinum and Palladium and place it in the padded bag from your gold pack. List your items on the packing slip. Seal the padded bag and place it with the packing slip into the grey Royal Mail Special Delivery Envelope.

Take your pre-paid pack to your local Post Office and hand it in at the counter. It will be sent to us by Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery. (The pre-paid pack is insured for up to £750. If you think your items exceed that value, then you can pay a small fee at the Post Office to increase the insurance cover to a maximum of £2,500.) Make sure that the clerk gives you a receipt as proof of postage.

You can track your parcel and confirm that we have received it by using the Royal Mail Track and Trace system.

6. What happens if the gold price goes up once I've sent you my gold?

We will make an offer on your items based on the market rate at the time we test your items. If the market rate has gone up since you posted your items we will offer you the higher rate.

7. Do you buy coloured gold?

Yes we do. Rose gold, white gold and yellow gold of the same carat or fineness are all worth the same when we buy them.

8. How do I know you offer the best price?

Take a look at what our previous customers think of our service. Our prices are based on the fluctuating market rates for precious metals so you can be sure that you are getting the most up to date price for your items.

9. How do you value my jewellery?

Your items will be weighed on very accurate Trading Standards Approved scales and the precious metal content will be determined by using the latest XRF (X Ray Fluorescence) non-destructive test equipment. This combination provides the most accurate test for your items.

10. Will the testing process damage my jewellery?

XRF testing is sufficient for us to value the vast majority of the items that we receive. This is a non-destructive method of analysing the composition of your items. There may be occasions however when we need to file or to cut or to dismantle items to enable proper testing, particularly if we suspect that an item may be plated. If that is the case we will contact you to request permission to carry out more invasive testing or we may make you an offer subject to the more invasive tests being satisfactory.

11. Can I send broken jewellery to you?

We accept broken jewellery but please do not send very small individual items such as small single chain links or individual clasps. Testing very small items of less than 0.5g is not cost effective at the high rates that we pay.

12. I don't know what type of gold I have some of it has no hallmark. Will you still buy it?

A lot of jewellery purchased outside the UK has no hallmarks but may be stamped with a number showing the purity that it should be. For example, a lot of Italian gold chains are stamped 750 to denote 18 carat gold. Unfortunately much of the jewellery, particularly gold chains that can be bought by length off a roll, are of substandard purity. As we accurately test every item that we receive you can be sure of getting a true and accurate offer of the value, whatever the purity, whether the item is hallmarked or not. Provided that the item is made from Gold, Platinum or Palladium we will offer to buy it.

13. What happens if the gold price goes down once I've sent you my gold?

We will make an offer on your items based on the market rate at the time we test your items. If the market rate has gone down since you posted your items the offer that we make may be lower than you anticipated.

14. What happens if my weights do not agree with yours?

We only use accurate and calibrated Trading Standards approved scales to weigh your items. If we see a discrepancy with weights received we will contact you immediately to clarify the issue.

15. What if I decide not to sell the items I have sent in?

If you decline our offer to buy your precious metal items then we will send them back to you FREE OF CHARGE but we do reserve the right to charge for postage and packing if the items are non-precious metals and/or if the precious metal weight does not reach the required 10g minimum to use this service free of charge.

16. What happens to diamonds or gemstones?

We are scrap precious metals buyers, we do not buy diamonds or gemstones. Any stones in jewellery will be discounted from the weight of the items. We do not remove stones as part of our process as removal of the stones is time consuming and on most occasions the labour charges incurred by us will far outweigh any small profit margin we may have in the item of scrap Gold, Platinum or Palladium. We recommend that stones with sentimental or high value are removed before sending the item to us.

17. Do you buy gold-plated jewellery?

No, we do not buy gold plated or non-precious metal ‘costume’ jewellery. Examine your items before you send them in. Markings such as ‘metal core’, ‘rolled gold’, ‘back and front’ or ‘b&f’ indicate plated or composite manufacture that we do not purchase.

18. Can I bring in my items?

If you are close to our offices in Wolverhampton then you are welcome to bring your items to us but please call to make an appointment first. The security protocols in place at our offices mean that we are unable to see visitors without an appointment but you are very welcome to visit us. The fact that we are available for appointments is often re-assuring to customers who see less reputable dealers hiding behind PO Box addresses!

19. Can I change my mind once I've accepted your offer?

Gold, Platinum and Palladium items bought by are melted down at the close of business on the day that they are purchased. Therefore, once a Gold, Platinum or Palladium item has been sold to, it is not physically possible to reverse a transaction.

20. I don’t have any scales so I don’t know the weight of my jewellery.

Simply write ‘Unknown’ in the section of the packing slip that requests weight. We will accurately weigh your items using calibrated, Trading Standards approved scales. The ‘Trade’ scales that we use have to be calibrated specifically for our use at our offices as very slight variations in the Earth’s gravity can affect how scales perform in different areas. Not a lot of people know that!

21. How do you pay me for my jewellery?

We make payment by direct transfer into your nominated UK bank account by means of FPS (Faster Payment System). The system is reliable and safe and payment is sent on the same day that you agree our offer.

22. What happens if the jewellery I send is not precious metal?

Any items that you send to us that do not contain precious metal can either be disposed of free of charge or returned for a fee of £10 to cover postage, packing and insurance.

23. Is my jewellery insured whilst it is in transit to you?

Yes, we have pre-paid the postage and insurance for the free return parcel so that your items are insured with Royal Mail up to the value of £750. If you think the value of your items is more than £750, you can increase the cover for a small additional fee, paid to the Post Office, up to a maximum of £2,500 per parcel.

24. How much will you pay me for my gold?

The price that we pay is determined by the purity test, weight of the items and the precious metal market rate on the day that we value the items. Our experienced testers and valuers will make you an offer based on the tests that we make. Once you accept our offer, your payment is usually in your account within 2 hours!

25. What is the procedure for me to sell to you?

You can find details of our simple process here. You can track your parcel and confirm that we have received it by using the Royal Mail Track and Trace system. On arrival your parcel will be weighed and the contents tested and valued by our experienced team of valuers and appraisers. We will then contact you with our offer for your items.

Your payment will be made to your bank account on the same day, usually within 2 hours! If you are not delighted by our offer there is no obligation to sell to us and we will return your items free of charge. Returned parcels will usually arrive at the specified address in 3 to 5 working days.

26. I work in the jewellery trade. Can I send bench lemels and sweepings to you?

Your service is for use by the general public seeking a transparent way to sell old, broken or unwanted gold jewellery and is not intended for use by trade customers. As every item received will be individually tested we will not process gold grain, bench lemels, sweepings or industrial items such as thermocouples, wire and laboratory equipment. Items weighing less than 0.5g are not economically viable to test within our system and therefore will not be processed.

27. How do I give you my bank account details?

There is a section to complete on the packing slip, part of the Gold Seller pack that we will send to you.

28. Is it safe to send gold in the post?

The Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery service is a very safe way of sending gold to us. Follow the instructions in your Gold Selling Pack and remember to ask for additional insurance cover, up to £2,500, when you take your parcel to the Post Office if you think that your items are worth more than the £750 standard cover. You will receive a tracking reference at the Post Office so that you can track your parcel until it is delivered to us.

29. What if my jewellery gets lost in the post?

No need to worry! In the very unusual case of a parcel going missing in transit, Royal Mail will conduct an investigation. In most cases the parcel has been mis-directed but can be found by their tracking system. For the very few that cannot be found, the insurance cover will compensate you.